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Mr. Reza

HR Division | PT Teknologika Integrator Indonesia 


“Paper workflows and approvals have streamlined many of our administrative tasks, like new hires, merit increases, terminations, and job changes. Our human resources and payroll staff now can handle their business processes at their own account, and corporate managers are automatically notified when employee information changes in PayrollBozz.”


Company Profile


PT Teknologika Integrator Indonesia is a provider of website creation service (web design), SEO & SEM and web development. With a team containing experienced professionals in the field, we are committed to providing the best service that focuses on the needs, desires and brand success of our clients. PT Teknologika Integrator Indonesia working with the principle of service-oriented, always trying to understand the needs and interests of the client, search for solutions and fresh ideas are applied in the form of web design, marketing strategy and a systematic plan favorable brand / business clients.

The Challenges


Before using PayrollBozz, PT Teknologika Integrator Indonesia wanted to improve efficiencies with its administrative HR and payroll tasks in order to create greater support for strategic initiatives. The company selected PayrollBozz in early 2016 to gain in-house control, improve reporting capabilities, and build its bottom line.

The Solutions


When it began using PayrollBozz, PT Teknologika Integrator Indonesia quickly experienced benefits in its daily HR/payroll operations. For example, PayrollBozz integrates well with other systems, such as company’s time and attendance solution, so the supplier reduced the time to move data between systems. Now hours and earnings flow through PayrollBozz without manual entry or intervention, making the data instantaneously available for processing. HR managers and payroll personnel now can access employee data in real-time through the Web. PayrollBozz offers a secure and easy way of delivering information to users, allowing HR managers and payroll personnel to quickly handle employee-related processes. According to Andy, PayrollBozz’s built-in workflow has decreased the time spent on salary management by 50% because our company’s human resource managers now can submit job changes and salary alterations—and these modifications are automatically routed to the appropriate people for approval, regardless of location. Once the change is accepted, it takes effect in PayrollBozz immediately—without any forms, emails, or delays.