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Mr. Handy

CEO of PT Inovasi Sukses Sentosa


“Our customer relationship manager wanted to make sure everyone was all right and how PayrollBozz could help us. You just don’t see this personal level of service anymore. It’s a huge advantage to our business to be in a partnership where we know we are supported by people who really care.”

Company Profile


PT Inovasi Sukses Sentosa owns and operates a business to business trading Internet platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The company was founded in 2012 and is based in North Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Challenges


PT Inovasi Sukses Sentosa’s headquarters in Jakarta had difficulty at integrated employee’s information data security. PT Inovasi Sukses Sentosa also had difficulty at manually processing employees’ payroll, monitoring and tracking of attendance and manual records keepings.

The Solutions


Because of PayrollBozz cloud technology, Inovasi Sukses Sentosa’s teams could securely log into PayrollBozz, and the company’s employee management and payroll teams were able to easily manage HR and payroll processes by any devices via online. Wages were paid without any disruption to the company’s employees. Even though its headquarters was without power for eight days, Inovasi Sukses Sentosa never missed a payroll or had any employee database issues. Service was never interrupted because PayrollBozz’s hardened data center where essential information is protected from fires, natural disasters, power outages, sabotage, or theft. With PayrollBozz, employee records are protected by the latest advances in security, which include several layers of built-in application and database protection. Documents are backed up regularly and frequently checked for viruses using secure network connections to ensure the privacy and integrity of the data.