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Formula Based Payroll System

Configure employee payroll requirements using the flexible formula 

  • Adjust formula as flexible as using Spreadsheet
  • Create your own payroll components and reuse in other components
  • Build a template payroll for the same role or for specific employee
  • Link with attendance records or KPI for easy payroll calculation

Employee Tax Calculation

Easy and accurate calculation for monthly and yearly report

  • Support Gross, Nett and Gross Up Calculation
  • Support Indonesian Tax Regulation
  • Support tax calculation for new employee and resigned employee for e-filling
  • Arrange and group employees according to the registered Tax Office
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Insurance Benefit

Support BPJS Regulation

Easy BPJS calculation and accurate reporting

  • Adjust BPJS configuration based on latest regulation update
  • Support 2 types of BPJS Regulation (Work and Health Insurance)
  • Calculate and auto deduct from employee salary
  • Generate summary reports for finance payment

Custom Payroll Template

Personalise the template according to your company needs

  • Customize payslip template with your company branding and best looking layout
  • Customize email template for employee payslip delivery message
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Religious and Bonus Allowance

Easy configuration of Religious and bonus allowance for employees

  • Adjust religious holiday allowance according to each religion's sacred day
  • Calculate pro rata or full amount according to company's requirement
  • Auto calculate tax income
  • All calculation will reflect in payslip and payroll report summary

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Advance Reporting and Dashboard

Reports will start coming early with much better accuracy

  • Generate General Tax, Withholding Tax and Overpay/underpay tax reports
  • Generate Payroll report with the breakdown on all components
  • Quick view of the payroll data in the dashboard
  • Generate Payslip and report for payroll bank transfer purposes
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Online Payroll System #1 PayrollBozz

Along with the advancement of information technology, now everything can be done in one place and at the same time using the internet network, the payroll process is no exception. Online Payroll System such as PayrollBozz is one of the significant breakthroughs in the field of HR management, the R & D Team PayrollBozz always conducts research to create payroll & HR applications that are equipped with features that can meet the needs of the company, HRD, finance, and employees.

With this online payroll system, the company’s HR team only needs a few minutes and follow some simple steps to complete the payroll process, and start exporting the documents required for salary disbursement. Reports for salary, tax, BPJS (Work and Health Insurance) and data analytics will be provided in the report and dashboard section. If you are looking to simplify the payroll and HR administration process in your company, look no further, just register for our low-cost Payroll system (Cloud SaaS HR Platform). Looking to switch from other provider like Talenta, GreatDayHR / SunfishGo, Sleekr HR, Pro-Int, KaryaOne, Gadjian? We will help you implement the data migration at no cost.