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Mobile App PayrollBozz

Make any submission more easier from PayrollBozz mobile apps


The dashboard display in the PayrollBozz HRM application displays shortcuts that make it easy for users to access and make submissions from clock in / out to loan applications.

  • Faster and easier clock in / out of a smartphone
  • Apply for loans and reimbursement via the application
  • Can request / approval overtime, permission, and trip business from a smartphone

See the schedule

View schedule menu in PayrollBozz apps will display employee work calendars, complete with work schedules owned by employees.

  • Company calender
  • See worktime and other schedules in PayrollBozz app


Employees are also facilitated by the task view menu on the application, users or employees can see their task list anywhere and anytime.

  • Always update tasks from supervisor or manager in the task list menu application


Using PayrollBozz users can view attendance reports in detailed or summary forms, then view payslip for all periods, as well as reprimand reports in the last 30 days.

  • Want to see attendance reports, payslip to reprimand? can through the mobile application


The balance menu will show the remaining quota owned by the employee, be it leave quota, reimbursement of fees, and loans.

  • See leave, loan and reimbursement balances before making a request


PayrollBozz application users can see all the activities they do from their smartphones, ranging from attendance history to leave.

  • See all history from the mobile application
  • History of changing personal data requests


Employees can see all announcements made by the company for all employees and per division, notifications will appear when there is the latest announcement.

  • Keep an eye on company updates from the PayrollBozz mobile application


The PayrollBozz HR application is designed to accommodate all the needs of employees and HRD in conducting personal activities. This payroll application also has many features such as an online attendance feature that allows employees to do absences outside the office, and others such as submitting permits, leave, and sick through a mobile application.

This online payroll application also allows all users (employees) to see their arrival report, payslip, and the remaining quota leave. PayrollBozz’s online HR application can be a more complicated solution than the HR management problem in the company, no need for a server and maintenance needed by the Internet.

In addition, the PayrollBozz attendance application can also be integrated directly with your company attendance machine, only ADMS features are provided on machines that can be connected. Use the HR Application from PayrollBozz, register now or submit a demo to explore more about the features of this online HR application.