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This page shows the features of and what benefits can be obtained after using this payroll software. The features presented in the payroll software aims to facilitate HR management by using the HRIS system, a computer programming that can organize and support the governance of human resources in a company. Please read the list of payrollbozz features to explore about this payroll software.
Payrollbozz features
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Everything’s included, at no extra charge.

Carefully crafted features

Payrollbozz is Highly sophisticated Web-based payroll software systems that can save companies time and money. Best of all, every single feature is included in our simple monthly price.

Automated and Web-based

Easy accessibility. time and attendance record keeping at businesses is not immune from the influence of the Internet

Reduce the use of papers

Reduce the use of papers and the risk of making errors while tracking attendance on paper

Secure SSL Certificate

We encrypt Your data with Secure SSL certificate so you don't have to worry and peace your mind.

Automatic accruals

Automatic accruals on any employee. automatic accruals will process based on your setting,


Calculating a schedule can sometimes be wildly complicated, especially when you are trying to keep track of dozens of influencing factors at the same time. Web-based time and attendance systems are also helpful in creating work schedules for businesses with automatic accruals that will help you to make your HR work faster.

Our complete payroll features list

Employee Features
Employee self-enrollment

Employees can edit their personal information online, it's saving your time.

Digital payslips

Flexible Payslips is emailed directly to employees also employees can see their payslip in their account.

View Schedules

Your employees can view schedule that you already set for them from their account.

Attendance report

Employees can track their attendance records. its including overtime, leave and off day.

Manage Task

Employees can organize task given to them from their superior.

View Announcement

Announcement made easy. no more print-out.

Request reimbursement

You employees should file to claim reimbursement as soon as possible after they have incurred the expense.

Request Overtime

Request Overtime can more easily with our record from their last attendance hours.

Request leave

Your employees can request based of your time-off settings.

Request Loan

If loan module is active, your employees can request loan based from your setting.

View Who's on leave

Now you can get notice on your dashboard when some one in your company on leave.

View who's on birthday

Get notice to see who's on birthday in your company.

Advanced features
Integrated with Fingerprint Machine

You can importing or exporting data employees and attendance from fingerprint machine. we will help you to the integration seamlessly.


PayrollBozz offers BPJS calculation and report which is paid both by the employees and the company.

Holiday Allowance (THR)

THR Calculation by PayrollBozz using a calculation based on formula so it can be adjusted with the existing policy in your company.


Setting your reimbursement type and expense. Pay at the same time you run payroll.


Easily to manage granted loan to employees with this module.

Back Pay

Back Pay calculation helps companies to avoid the whole problem in the payroll processing on past month.

Unlimited payrolls

Run Payroll as much as you needs. Payroll process is including bonuses, corrections, tax, reimbursement, back pay and BPJS.

Flexible Formula

Flexible formula designed with components or calculations can be changed easily in minutes.

Net-to-Gross Payments

Set the net amount employees should receive and we’ll calculate all the gross payment for you.

Multiple Pay Rates

Multiple different rates? No problems. You can access your report based on different rates and the work place.

Multiple Pay Schedules

Customize your pay schedule you needs based on your team.

Correction payroll

After you make correction, just re-run payroll process again when you’re ready.

Integrated Tax system

PayrollBozz provides a feature that automatically generate all tax forms that are needed by companies environment.

Flexible schedules

Setting shift with flexible schedules for mobile employees.

Detailed payroll reports

We generate detailed PDF and excel reports, also you can send the reports to your email.

Future quota leave

If this is enable, your employees can request exceed current year quota. This will use quota from next year.

Minus quota leave

If this is enable, your employees can request exceed current year quota. Minus quota will change to unpaid leave after end of period.

Transfer quota leave

If this is enable, your employees can transfer current year quota to next year after end of period.

3 Leave type

You can setting you leave based on 3 types : Yearly, Pro-rate and Unlimited.

Factor setting overtime

If this is enable, you can make overtime hours multiplied when reach your setting hours.


The reprimand given by supervisor will be integrated with the real-time record of employees.

Standard Features
Easy online setup

Our online setup will guide you every step required to pay your employees based on your company policy.

Leave Management

Track balance and accruals online with easy to processing of requests and approval for your team.

Overtime Tracking

You will get detail attendance data before make decision for approve or reject overtime request.

Employees Database

Organize your employees database now in one place.

Hourly & salary

Our attendance support hourly employees and hourly salary.

Role access

Its easy to make your employees have account based on their roles such as finance and HR.

Time and attendance

Its already integrated with leave, payroll, overtime, holiday and fingerprint machine.


Give your task to employees online. It is also have performance indicator for every task.


Make announcement to all your subordinates, division, even for all employees in your company ever easier.

Pay as special holiday

Some time you have to pay employees who come to work on days off than usual. Now you can manage these cases by paying as a special holiday or as an overtime.

Holiday setting

You can setting holiday based from your company calendar.

Attendance rules

Its about make penalty for employees regarding their attendance. It's including late, go home early, forgot check-in/check-out.

Multi company

if you have high roles, you can view or manage different company that already registered in your account.

Career transitions

Easily to manage career transition, not only on one branch even whole company branch.

Payrollbozz on Mac
Useful Reporting
  • Print or export reports to PDF and CSV for easy sharing.
  • Generate reports by day, month, year, filtered by users, departments, attendance, payroll, leave report easily.
  • Valuable report data for various departments
  • Information can be exported to multiple formats for further analysis
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