Finance Administration Features

Admin HR Finance Feature


Control all of your employees financial requests in one place. Easy peasy.

E-Claim / E-Reimbursement

Request of claim / reimbursement can now be done using the PayrollBozz app for faster and more accurate process. 

  • Easy request and approval directly from mobile apps

  • Can set maximum reimbursement limit per type

  • Flow of approval up to 5 hierarchical steps

E-Claim Feature
E-Claim Setting

Cash Advance

Using PayrollBozz mobile app can help simplifying the process of request, approval, disbursement and the returns easily. 

  • Request Cash Advance for upfront cash

  • Get approved and disbursed without the tedious paperwork

  • View Cash Advance history and check for validation

Employee Loan

Giving loans to employees? Ask them to apply from their mobile apps directly and show proof for quicker review

  • Create loan types to segment and limit employee loans

  • Review loan requests and make informed decision immediately

  • Up to 5 level approvers with alternatives

E-Claim Feature

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Employee Finance Administration integrated with Payroll

Using PayrollBozz can help your HR team, Finance team and all employees interact and engage effectively in 1 platform. PayrollBozz is built to solve the classic HR administration issues in companies and introduce the much better way in human resource management. By integrating time attendance software, HR management software, Payroll Software, finance administration software, performance appraisal software and KPI software into 1 platform, PayrollBozz aims to be the 1 app for the betterment of HR management in businesses from SME to large corporations. 

Features built to integrate Financial administration for employees comprises of employee loan, e-claim/reimbursement and cash advance. All the approved transactions will be linked with payroll (deduction and disbursement) for accurate calculation with regards to total income received. The payroll calculation will be directly related to tax calculation for e-filing purposes. Employees can request loans, claims / reimbursements, and cash advance from mobile apps PayrollBozz and the member site. Using PayrollBozz will eliminate the use of paperworks and improve the time management efficiency. Go Paperless with PayrollBozz for the better future!