PayrollBozz Online attendance systems

Attendance Management


It's easier to manage employee attendance with the PayrollBozz system

Employee attendance and schedule

See employee attendance reports and work schedules in just one attendance application, can be connected with all fingerprint machines in all branches of the company.

  • Create a pattern or custom work schedule easier
  • See monthly employee attendance from the PayrollBozz attendance application

Submission of Employee Online Attendance

Submission of employee absences with selfie photos and GPS makes it easy for field employees and improve work efficiency. Supervisor can accept / reject employee attendance requests in accordance with the actual event

  • Online attendance for field employees
  • Submission of employee absences via GPS and selfie / location

Online Absence Settings

Manage employee absences online rules such as delays, overtime, flow of approval, hours of work and employee work schedules easily.

  • Set penalties and sanctions according to company regulations
  • Set employee work schedules according to each work shift


Employees can apply for overtime from the PayrollBozz attendance application to their superiors, whereas employers can also approve online via Payrollbozz software.

  • Submit overtime, upload photos / files and enter overtime reasons. The approval flow can be up to 5 levels.
  • Boss can also provide Overtime Orders (SPL) to subordinates

HR Software features specially made to boost your efficiency​

Leave system (E-Leave)

Make submissions and approve employee leave from applications and web browsers. Faster and more efficient up to 90% compared to conventional methods.

  • Types of leave can be added as needed
  • Submit leave according to the type and quota given
  • Unused leave quota can be transferred to quota next year or cashed or burned according to company regulations


Submission and approval of employee permits is easy and paperless, just access the PayrollBozz application so that everything can be done.

  • Submit permission to arrive late / return quickly with additional photos and information
  • The flow of approval of the boss can be up to 5 levels.

Integrated attendance

The company can manage attendance machine databases spread across its branches, able to enter new employee data and profile updates

  • LIVE integration with attendance machines in the office
  • Branch offices only need an attendance machine and internet access to connect to the PayrollBozz attendance application
  • Subsidiaries in 1 account can share attendance machines in 1 location / area

Business Trip

Employees who are on an official schedule out of office can make business trip submissions easily from the PayrollBozz application on their smartphone, as well as the approval can be done online.

  • You can do the request and Approval trip online
  • See the list of trip business approvals
  • HRD and employees can see a history of trip business submissions

HR Software features specially made to boost your efficiency


In this calendar menu you can see information on national holidays, holiday holidays and more, and make a red date for leave with the company.

  • See and create a Calendar of national holidays and leave with the company
  • Work on holidays can be given special allowances / overtime pay (for payroll)

Report Attendance

A complete attendance report will greatly help the HR team and management in reviewing employee discipline.

  • Monthly recap report to briefly view employee attendance data
  • Daily detail report for viewing employee attendance data every working day

Company announcements

Now sending information / broadcasts can be done with the announcement feature. Data information will be sent to the notification on the employee’s cellphone

  • Recap of announcement data stored in history announcements for audit / review purposes
  • Announcements can be targeted to all selected employees or employees

PayrollBozz – The Perfect Online Attendance Software For Your Business

PayrollBozz attendance software can be integrated with the fingerprint attendance machine, card attendance machine and face attendance machine. By using the attendance machine integration feature live, PayrollBozz can easily interact with the registered attendance machine. Employee attendance data on attendance machine will be sent automatically within 1-2 seconds. Of course this will greatly save time and effort.

If you have many branches of the company that are located far enough away from the company’s office, then this online absent software can be a solution for you. PayrollBozz was developed as the best HRIS solution for managing HR, payroll systems, as well as employee absences without any limitations on the number of employees.

Unlike other employee attendance software, PayrollBozz does not require a static IP or VPN to pull employee absent data from the absent machines in the branches. By using PayrollBozz as an online attendance application, companies can save costs, time, energy and of course improve employee discipline and performance