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Easily manage financial administration in one place

All loan management, reimbursements, and cash advances are recorded accurately


Hundreds of companies have accelerated their HR management process


Easier reimbursement request and approval

The ease of the loan process that has never existed


Report settings that have become more organized

What is Admin Finance?

Admin Finance is a means for companies to manage financial administration, from loans to reimbursements.

With the Admin Finance from PayrollBozz, companies can make financial management more organized and make it easier for employees to apply for loans to reimbursement of travel costs.

Admin finance has a loan and reimbursement module.
The loan request and approval process to reimbursement can be done through the application.
Loan deductions can be directly deducted from the monthly salary.
Reimbursement can be paid inside or outside the monthly salary.
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Manage financial administration easily starting today