PayrollBozz | FAQ Introduction
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Q  : What is PayrollBozz?

A  : PayrollBozz is a web application HRIS (Human Resource Information System) Cloud based with the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS) that is used to help companies in human resource management, including the data of employee information, organizational structure, vision, mission, employee attendance, system leave and payroll with flexible and dynamic system.


Q : How PayrollBozz help you?

A : PayrollBozz has excellent features including payroll management, employee database, handling absences, Acceptance and resignation of employees, leave management system, Tax Report, a system of credit / loan for the employee. These features provide convenience and automation PayrollBozz so you and your payroll division can focus on other important tasks.


Q : What are advantages of PayrollBozz?

A : PayrollBozz is a cloud-based HR systems, human resource managers designed to create modern reports and analysis tools based on computer to help managerial decision.


Q : What other advantages of PayrollBozz than other HRIS systems?

A :  PayrollBozz other advantages is:
1.  All employees enrolled in PayrollBozz have an account without additional cost.
2.  There are levels of access control by occupation.
3.  PayrollBozz can be integrated with modern Attendance Machines.
4.  Calculation of payroll systems can be customized with company policy because PayrollBozz system has a flexible formula.


Q : What is the difference between client / server software with cloud-based SaaS Solution?

A : client / server software makes the local server for data storage and can be accessed via corporate intranet. While a cloud-based SaaS solution is stored on an external server and can be accessed via internet so you still can accessed your data even in your home via internet.


Q : What is the difference between pricing model in-house system and cloud-based system?

A : The price of the software will be different for each company. Typically, SaaS applications will be priced on a subscription basis to be paid employees per year. As for the in-house system usually as price one-time investment to buy the software.


Q : What is a one-database system?

A : One-Database system enables users of HR and Payroll division data sharing certain employees without having to enter employee data several times. Unlike “linked” system. One-Database System has a master file of employees in which applications can access employee information. All updates are made in real time, and all the double entry is eliminated.

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