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Key Performance Indicator

Effectively value your individual employees

Assess your employees objectively based on the overall employee performance.

Key Performance Indicator Methods

To find out the performance of each employee, the HRD or admin will make questions with a rating system answer option, for example 0 to 10, or 10 to 100. Reviews or ratings from managers of their subordinates will be accumulated and calculated by a formula. The results of this assessment can be used as a benchmark for the performance of each employee, and the results can also be used as data for decision making.

An objective and transparent assessment can provide long-term benefits for the company


Measure business success

KPI aims to assess performance through an objective assessment. The company can see how productive the employee is.


Seeing the company's progress

To measure the success of a company's business, a KPI measurement tool is needed, in order to see the progress of the targets given.


Become evaluation material

The data generated from the KPI assessment can be used as evaluation material for the company, so that it can be even better.

Key Performance Indicator Characteristics

Objective assessment

KPI is an objective appraisal method, the results are also specific to the employee’s performance, not from the point of view of most others, which is relative to the appraisal method.

Assessment using statistical data

The measuring tool for assessment uses nominal numbers and weights. That way the results of the assessment can be read as statistical data that can help companies see the progress or decline in productivity.

Specific to work targets

Unlike appraisals, KPI assessments are objective and focus on performance. Such as sales targets and others. With such a company can see employee performance with a measuring tool like this.

Monitor the performance of your employees objectively starting today


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