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Attendance request and employee loans made easier

Do all the administration and see the process through the app without wasting much time.


Hundreds of companies have accelerated their HR management process


Informative mobile dashboard

The dashboard display in the PayrollBozz HRM application displays shortcuts that make it easy for users to access and make submissions from clock in / out to loan applications.

Daily work report

Employees can be facilitated by the daily activity menu in the application. Employees can fill out and report work assignments from PayrollBozz app.


View work schedule easily

The view schedule menu on the PayrollBozz mobile application can display employee work calendars, complete with company work schedules owned by employees.

Accurate payslip report

With PayrollBozz app, users can view payslips with detailed parameters and can be downloaded in PDF form.


What is PayrollBozz Mobile App?

The PayrollBozz Mobile Application is a means for employees who have tasks or work in the field. With the mobile application, employees can take attendance to submit overtime easily so they can save time.

Access to the PayrollBozz application is not limited, it can be anywhere and anytime with an internet connection through the gadgets you have.

Ease of access that can be felt anytime and anywhere.
PayrollBozz mobile application can accommodate attendance menus, reports, to submissions and employee administrative approvals.
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