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Use HRIS Mobile to achieve high productivity in HR management

It’s time for a revolution in HR management. Enjoy the convenience of managing teams, evaluating performance, and attendance with an innovative mobile HRIS feature.
PayrollBozz mobile app available on Play Store

Hundreds of companies have accelerated their HR management process


Informative mobile dashboard

The dashboard display in the PayrollBozz HRM application displays shortcuts that make it easy for users to access and make submissions from clock in / out to loan applications.

Daily work report

Employees can be facilitated by the daily activity menu in the application. Employees can fill out and report work assignments from PayrollBozz app.


View work schedule easily

The view schedule menu on the PayrollBozz mobile application can display employee work calendars, complete with company work schedules owned by employees.

Accurate payslip report

With PayrollBozz app, users can view payslips with detailed parameters and can be downloaded in PDF form.


What is the mobile feature of PayrollBozz?

The mobile feature of PayrollBozz is an excellent application that allows easy access to our cloud-based HRIS services on mobile devices. With this application, users can easily access employee information, work schedules, and request leave from anywhere.

Responsive and integrated, this feature brings convenience in managing human resources, improves efficiency, and ensures a smooth user experience.

The mobile HRIS feature enables human resource management from anywhere, increasing flexibility, efficiency, and productivity through easy accessibility.

The Auto-approve attendance feature by area enables automatic approval of attendance based on the employee’s geographical location. This provides convenience in automatically verifying attendance when the employee is in the designated work area.

PayrollBozz is equipped with a feature that tracks attendance location using GPS technology. This allows managers to track the location where employees clock in, providing better transparency and control.

The PayrollBozz mobile feature enables managers to monitor attendance, schedule shifts, and evaluate employee performance with the practical daily activity feature.

The process of subscribing to our features is easy and simple. You can directly contact our sales team to subscribe.

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