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Performance Appraisal

Monitor your employees with a thorough assessment

Perform employee assessments with an evaluation system to provide good results for the company.

Appraisal Method

The HRD admin or manager can make a questionnaire which is then distributed and filled with answers by all employees. The questionnaire questions are in the form of how “A” behaves in the office, with multiple answer choices. Respondents can be teammates or a division, from the answers it will be seen how the relationship between “A” with others and vice versa.

A thorough assessment provides important benefits for the development of the company


Provide feedback

From the results of the assessment, whether team, self, 360 or review managers will get feedback or responses in the form of data.


Evaluation for improvement

From the results of the assessment, whether team, self, 360 or review managers will get feedback or responses in the form of data.


Employee relationship

HRD can see the relationship between workers. And can immediately take action if needed.

Types of Appraisal


Team Review

A team review is a type of appraisal for assessing in a team or division, with all team members as the evaluator. Here each member can evaluate his teammates, and vice versa.


Self Review

Self review is a type of appraisal to assess yourself. In this type, each employee will answer questions from the admin about himself.


Manager Review

The review manager is a type of appraisal to assess subordinates or superiors, or superiors assess their subordinates. In this type, subordinates can assess their managers together, and managers can assess their subordinates.


360 Review

Just like the review team, 360 reviews are also a type of appraisal that involves all employees, it’s just that the coverage is wider, it can be one department or company at a time. From manager level to staff, they can give their respective assessments of others.

Appraisal Characteristics

Subjective Assessment

Assessment given using appraisal is very relative, which means it depends on taste, approach, relationships and others. However, from a subjective assessment the results obtained are also more straightforward.

Assessment is more to the individual and personality

Appraisal is a method of assessing the personality, behavior, communication, and characteristics of an employee when they are working, or when they are in the office.

The method uses a questionnaire or interview

To get real results, HRD can make survey questions which later on a list of questions that can be responded to and answered by all employees.

A thorough and general assessment

The results of the appraisal assessment are also not specific and in-depth, because they are all based on assumptions, tastes, and relativity from other people’s point of view. and does not describe its performance significantly.

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